Mackerel experiments….

I didn´t have a lot of time yesterday for experiments, but I really wanted to tackle that mackerel that I had defrosting in my fridge!!

I only had a kilo…kilo and a half of the mackerel, which was less after I had gutted it…and I didn´t have a clue as to what I wanted to do with it.

I had some rhubarb left from the rhubarb syrup I was making – so I decided to use that.
Many mackerel recipes use rhubarb, but seeing that this is the only rhubarb I have left this year, it made sense to “reuse” it somehow.

So…I put the filleted mackerel in a baking dish, with a lot of ( more that I usually use anyway) Maldon salt and then I covered the fish with the sweet, leftover rhubarb and in the oven it went….well…I let it marinate in the rhubarb for half an hour or so. To get some of the flavors into it…Also, the oven was busy making my rhubarb meringues that I might share with you soon….they are yummy…

I had been meaning to make something more adventurous – but I guess that will have to wait…

I was already making a wonderful mayonnaise with preserved lemons and roasted garlic, so I served that with the mackerel….it went well together….

Can´t say it´s my favorite fish – not yet anyway….guess I´ll have to give it another try and make sure I have more time on my hands for experimentation!!!

I found it very fat…too fat…I guess smoking or curing it might be better. I wonder how it is dried? Has that been tried?

In the meanwhile, I´ll get on with finishing my meringues…..

This gave me another idea that I tried out and worked well….

More on that later;)

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