Rhubarb mayonnaise is born…

I just made an amazing discovery!

Rhubarb mayonnaise….

Yes…that´s right…rhubarb mayonnaise…

I was experimenting in my kitchen yesterday – making a few dishes for one of the local papers ( can´t wait to see the paper on Saturday – the pictures were amazing!).
I had just made a batch of fresh mayonnaise, planning to make a roasted garlic and preserved lemon dressing. I made alot of mayo, and I wanted to make another type of sauce to go with the mountain of seafood I was preparing.

On my kitchen counter sat a bottle of rhubarb syrup – that I had made to go with another invention…rhubarb meringue which turned out well…pink, shiny and bursting with rhubarb flavor.

So…I mixed the mayonnaise with the rhubarb syrup and…voila…Rhubarb mayonnaise was born.

It went well with the seafood – not the least the cod cheeks I had battered and fried.
It also went really well with the langoustines.

It was dead simple – just mix together mayonnaise and rhubarb syrup til you get the flavor and consistency you´re after…

Perhaps that could go well with the mackerel – given that I decide to give it another go.

I´ll make sure to have some fresh mackerel then:)

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