The Helsinki conference

I am looking forward to attending the conference in Helsinki in October.

It will be interesting to follow the program and also to meet people from all the other Scandinavian countries who have been working at getting better quality food served within schools, hospitals, old age homes….and everywhere.

The last couple of years – I have been doing my best to raise the alarm within the Icelandic system.
It sometimes feels like it moves very slowly…but there´s gained interest and I constantly get feedback from people who have the same worries.

The feedback comes from all sorts of people in all sorts of places – parents, students, patients and the last feedback we got was from a woman that was 90 years old.

She found the phone number of my friend, Margrét, who is working with me at getting better quality food served – and gave her a call.

She told her that she gets food sent home from a service that caters for pensioners.

Every Friday, she gets sent home a “schnitzel” of some sort….something that is called schnitzel anyway, but she didn´t understand why it was so disgusting…gluelike consistency, soggy, tasteless and chewy…She wanted us to get the message out and so we are.

This is most likely that same schnitzel as is being served in the schools, as well as the rubbery things that nobody knows what is when it comes on the plate.( it´s either meatballs or fishcakes…they are pink and taste like glue…any idea??)

Another friend of mine, Sigurrós, that is working at this with us, looked into it and found out that it is a most useful skipping-ball…it skips right of the wall when you throw it and we even discussed whether it would be more useful in gym classes then it is in the cafeteria.

The three of us – me, Margret and Sigurrós – are always learning new things in our work surrounding the way the system of feeding the people that are either too young, too old or too weak to fend for themselves, actually works. And we are not liking what we see – it is definitely time for a change.

I would love to meet up with people that will be attending the conference.
Please feel free to email me at

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