Monthly Archive: October, 2011

Matreiðslukeppni barna og unglinga á Norðurlöndum

Hér kemur smá grein um Matreiðslukeppni bara og unglinga á Norðulöndum sem ég birti um daginn. Set hana inn aftur þar sem skammur tími er til stefnu!! Þann 11.nóvember er norrænn loftlagsdagur. Mig… Continue reading

Harry´s restaurant – a hidden gem in the center of Reykjavik

Just a few lines about a very modest Phillipine-Icelandic restaurant in Reykavík called Harry´s. I didn´t even know it existed till a couple of weeks ago. I usually cook at home when I´m… Continue reading

Reindeer in urgent need of help

Animal welfare is a big issue. And an important one. It is one of the basis for being able to call ourselves civilized human beings. I was very sad this week following news… Continue reading

Kryddbrauð og ofurpönnsur í hollara lagi

Hér kemur mjög einfalt KRYDDBRAUÐ sem ég henti í áðan. 100 gr fínt spelt 100 gr gróft spelt 25 gr hveitiklíð 25 gr hveitikím 100 gr hrásykur 2 tsk lyftiduft 1 tsk negull… Continue reading

Völuspá – A Nordic Food Expedition

Today is the opening of Völuspá: A Nordic Food Expedition, which is an Icelandic/Danish project or food theater. Here is more about it as well as here I was going to go…and was… Continue reading

Julian Cribb, Icelandic farmers association and Soylent Green

Today I attended a lecture by Julian Cribb, which was held by the Farmers Associtation here in Reykjavík. Julian Cribb is an Australian lecturer who specializes in communication in science, agriculture, mining, energy… Continue reading

Urban farming

I couldn´t resist taking a few photos of these…geese… Not that it´s such an unusual sight here in Reykjavik – to see geese walking around, doing whatever it is that geese do. Drinking… Continue reading

Seafood in September

I love seafood….simply cooked…served with good homemade mayonnaise…either plain or flavored …rhubarb mayonnaise for example goes well with seafood langoustines….or just a touch of lemon…lots of butter…and some plain white bread… Don’t see… Continue reading

Nordic oat days

I love oats. I use them in my produce so I can honestly say I have my ways of making Icelanders eat their oats! While attending the the Nordic food conference in Helsinki,… Continue reading

Enjoying dinner in a Finnish forest

Dinner tonight was quite an experience. I took a few photos with my limited photographic skills ( I believe in Autosetting!).. The room had been transformed into a finnish forest with trees, lights,… Continue reading

Thoughts on hospital food – NNM in Helsinki

Today at the NNM conference in Helsinki, there have been a lot of discussions about on food in hospitals. Very often, hospital food – in Iceland anyway and I´m guessing not only in… Continue reading

The NNM conference – part one

Spoilt for choice – deciding between attending talks on food in schools or food in public landscapes. Then there are the Nordic Oat days as well. So, a lot of interesting things to… Continue reading

Matarmarkaður við Reykjavíkurhöfn

Má til með að benda á þessa góðu grein um Matarmarkað við Reykjavíkurhöfn.

Alvöru Kauphöll með fé á fæti

Haustið 2008 – þegar allt “hrundi” hér á landi – fékk ég smá hugmynd. Mér datt í hug að besti staðurinn til að byrja á væri landbúnaðarráðuneytið. Ég hélt á fund þáverandi landbúnaðarráðherra,… Continue reading