The NNM conference – part one

Spoilt for choice – deciding between attending talks on food in schools or food in public landscapes. Then there are the Nordic Oat days as well. So, a lot of interesting things to follow!!

Today I have had a chance to follow very interesting lectures and discussions on food in public landscapes and I am impressed with the amount of work that is being done to improve the quality.

It is a lot of information to take in at a short time, but I´m doing my best and will be back with more on that later!

It is also very interesting to meet so many people from different sectors, that have gathered here in Helsinki to discuss ways of finding a more sustainable future within every aspect of the food and agricultural system.

The essence of what I´ve heard this morning, is the will to work more closely together towards this aim. To work together and share information every level to the advantage of all.

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