Urban farming

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I couldn´t resist taking a few photos of these…geese…

Not that it´s such an unusual sight here in Reykjavik – to see geese walking around, doing whatever it is that geese do. Drinking water from a parking space seemed to be what these were doing.

We have lots of geese everywhere,
but these were perfectly safe in the parking lot.
Didn´t even get a parking-ticket, which is even more unusual then seeing geese having a day out.

I read somewhere the other day that rabbits had begun causing traffic accidents here in Reykjavík. People take them in as pets, but then give up and release them in an area called Öskjuhlíð, where they live “in the wild” ( well…it´s about 2 minutes from the city center ) and meet other rabbits.

Don´t remember on which road exactly they had been making a scene – but they seemed to have caused quite a few minor accidents.

I like rabbits – and often order them in restaurants.

Not in Iceland though – haven´t seen them on the menu here.
Perhaps that will change???

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