Völuspá – A Nordic Food Expedition

Today is the opening of Völuspá: A Nordic Food Expedition, which is an Icelandic/Danish project or food theater.

Here is more about it
as well as here

I was going to go…and was quite looking forward to it…Unfortunately I managed to catch a very bad cold this week, so I won´t be able to make it. I did however come by the other day and see when they were setting it up, and it looked very promising….

Here is a short translation of what is said about the show on the web page of the Nordic House.

Völuspá – A Nordic Food Expedition is the work of collaboration between the Republique theatre in Copenhagen, The Nordic House in Reykjavík and Restaurant Dill. It is based on ancient texts from Völuspá and from Nordic food heritage.

It is a journey for the senses where the borders of traditional theatre and food is explored and provoked. It is an extraordinary experience where all the senses play together – in a new and unique interpertation of Völuspá

It is a journey through the beautiful Nordic-House, designed by Alvar Aalto and
it´s surroundings. Each space represents a part of the text and the dishes served highlight the mood and atmosphere.

For those staying in Iceland, you can get tickets at midi.is

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