Harry´s restaurant – a hidden gem in the center of Reykjavik

Just a few lines about a very modest Phillipine-Icelandic restaurant in
Reykavík called Harry´s.

I didn´t even know it existed till a couple of weeks ago.

I usually cook at home when I´m in Iceland.
That way I am sure to get what I want, when I want it, the way I want it.
When I do go to restaurants, it´s often because I´ve been extremely busy and
haven´t had time to go shopping – or just can´t be bothered cooking.
Believe me – it´s not often.

The problem is, I usually end up disappointed. There are dozens of restaurants here in Reykjavík and every month there seems to pop up a new one.

Unfortunately, there is often little difference between mid-range and top-end restaurants when it comes to price or quality. There are a handful of places where you can get “decent” take away. Unfortunately many of them are quite similar.
Or you can order a pizza – which is quite boring, especially when you can so easily make a good pizza at home in less time then it takes to order one.
Have thai food – or a burger. That pretty much sums it up.

Well – to the point….

On a rainy Tuesday evening, the family headed out.
The regular discussion took place – where to go…no…not there…not in the mood for that…remember how awful that was last time we had dinner there….etc…

A couple of days earlier, I had gone on Tripadvisor, because I wanted to know what was really considered the best restaurant in Reykjavik. Not the most popular or most “in” restaurant, but the best restaurant in the opinion of Tripadvisor users. I wanted to be surprised.

Having skipped through the first two – because that was not what I was looking for – I know them already, I saw number three on the list – a place called Harry´s.

Really? How could a restaurant this close to home and apparently this popular have been hidden from my radius?

When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was how “tip top” everything seemed.

All the candles were lit, even though there were only people sitting on one table when we arrived. That for me means attentiveness ( which I quite value when I go to restaurants ) so down we sat.

Apparently, they are quite busy during the summer.

There are a few hotels in the area, so they that´s were most of their business comes from. From what I read on Tripadvisor – those people are happy the place!

Although the restaurant is “in the center” so to speak, it is in a street a little bit away from the main street where most of the restaurants are situated.
The street itself isn´t very lively – just a handful of shops and services – so you really wouldn´t stumble upon Harry´s without knowing where you were going or being a guest at one of the hotels in the area.

We had one of the best meals I´ve had in Reykjavik for a long time.
The beef in oyster sauce melted in my mouth and the vegetables were super fresh, not frozen from a packet.

I had crispy pan roasted pork, served with two great kinds of chilli sauces that tasted home-made, instead of the ready made thing you get in a bottle at the supermarket.

The spring rolls were amazing – done to perfection.

The owner was friendly and we very helpful. His wife, who is the chef, showed up after the meal so we got a chance to compliment her on her cooking.

We left the place happy, having had a great meal and great service in a nice and friendly atmosphere – all without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Here´s a link to what is said about the place on Tripadvisor.
I don´t believe they have a webpage – didn´t find one anyway.

I´m defiantly going back soon.


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  1. Good article! I was in Iceland recently and passed by this placed several times but sadly I didn’t go in. Instead opted for not so stellar Thai food and burgers. I’ll make sure to stop by next on my next visit.


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