Reindeer in urgent need of help

Animal welfare is a big issue.
And an important one.
It is one of the basis for being able to call ourselves civilized human beings.

I was very sad this week following news of a couple of reindeer that had apparently tangled their horns together, making it impossible for them to fend for themselves.

There hasn´t been a lot of news about it – I found out through a link on Facebook, leading me to a blog about the matter.

I know that several people have contacted all the authorities that you could possibly think would have anything to do with the matter.
Even our environmental minister has been contacted by several people, but still no response.

And the animals are still stuck together by their horns.

Pure cruelty and not something that should be allowed to happen in a society that wants to be regarded as civilized.


Part of the reason could be, that recently a police officer who had put down a reindeer in pain apparently took some of the meat for personal use, instead of burying it. The issue seems to be that he was off duty and used weapons owned by the police force as well as a police car.

He has been charged for that.

Seeing that the animal had to be killed anyway, I personally don´t see anything wrong with him taking part of the meat and using it, instead of burying it and letting it go to waste.

Although the two matters aren´t really related, it it is food for thought.

Do we really want to live in a society where people dare not help animals in need, because they are afraid of the consequences?

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