Monthly Archive: February, 2012

Apple cake to die for…

This one turned out really well… It was great served warm with whipped cream. I often add a little powdered sugar to the cream when I whip it as well as some vanilla.… Continue reading

Chicken in a mild tomato sauce – served with spaghetti and parmesan

This was the most tender chicken ever! Easy, healthy, flavorful… I didn´t have any homemade pasta on hand which would have made this dish even better. I always make up a batch and… Continue reading

Bun – day and Explosion day!!:)

Today is “bolludagur”( bun-day). It is the day when everyone tries to eat as many buns as possible! Everyone has their favorite. I prefer the choux pastry ones over the yeast ones. Fortunately,… Continue reading

Chicken in Fino and sage

I know that chicken breasts are the most popular parts of chicken in our part of the world, but they can be quite boring and not as juicy as the legs – especially… Continue reading

Ravioli stuffed with aubergine, served with the easiest (and best) tomato sauce in the world!:)

After my disaster last night with heating a jar of sauce, I decided to do it the way I usually do when I need a simple tomato sauce without having to stand and… Continue reading

Smoky tomato-basil sauce ….. This is not a recipe!!

Last night I really got hit with the revenge of the kitchen god – or is it a goddess? I´m not sure. This is what happens if you heat sauce from a jar… Continue reading


A healthier version of stracciatella! Well – “almost” straciatella. Perhaps more of a banana/caramel ice-cream with chocolate chips! Frozen bananas, milk, maple syrup and chocolate is all it takes to whip up an… Continue reading