Chicken in a mild tomato sauce – served with spaghetti and parmesan

This was the most tender chicken ever!

Easy, healthy, flavorful…

I didn´t have any homemade pasta on hand which would have made this dish even better.
I always make up a batch and throw in the freezer, bUt this time I was all out:(

5 – 6 pieces chicken ( I had 4 legs, 1 breast and 4 wings )
Flour – seasoned with salt, white pepper, cayenne pepper and sweet paprika

A little olive oil

3 onions
5 – 6 carrots
3 celery sticks
5 -6 garlic cloves
7 – 8 large tomatoes
3 – 4 tbsp tomato paste

100 ml white wine
300 ml chicken stock

3 – 4 bay leaves
fresh rosemary
fresh timian
cayenne pepper – about a teaspoon
sweet paprika – 1 -2 teaspoons
white pepper

( you really just have to try it to see how much spice you want – cayenne pepper and cayenne pepper isn´t the same thing. There is so much difference between different brands. That goes for all spices.)

Chop onions, carrots and celery into rather small pieces – not too small though.
Sweat in a little olive oil, before adding the finely chopped garlic. Then add the white wine and when it has evaporated a bit – add the stock, herbs and chopped tomatoes.

Let it simmer while you fry the chicken in a separate pan.

Dust the chicken pieces in the flour, seasoned with salt, white pepper, cayenne pepper and sweet paprika. Fry till slightly golden brown.
Put the pieces into an oven proof dish, pour the sauce over and cover with foil.

I let it cook at 150 degrees for at least an hour, then removed the foil and let it cook at 180 degrees for another half an hour or so. It was very tender and extremely flavorful.

I think I´ve said it before and I´m just about to say it again…. Make your own stock.
It makes all the difference in the world.

Served with spaghetti and parmesan….

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