Monthly Archive: June, 2012

Ouzo og meze….

Ég verð að játa að mér finnst flest grísk “vín” frekar vond. Ég er að meina rauðvín og hvítvín. Reyndar eru til ágætis vín frá Santorini, en þau fást ekki alls staðar. Ouzu… Continue reading

Kalí spera!!

Ákvað að baka Mafíutertu handa grísku fjölskyldunni minni hér um daginn sem hafði séð hana á blogginu hjá mér og vildi fá að prófa. Þegar til kom, fann ég ekkert hringlaga form, þannig… Continue reading

Tagliatelle with chicken, mushrooms and sugar snaps

Didn´t feel like stocking up on too much food, seeing that I´m leaving in a couple of days. I also didn´t have much time to think about dinner, seeing how much time I´ve… Continue reading

Chickpea and chorizo casserole

Now…. Don´t know if I´ve told you this but I hate having to throw food away. And I love cooking when there isn´t must in the fridge. I also love cooking when the… Continue reading

Banana-oat-shake with cacao nibs

I always have a batch of homemade oat milk in my fridge. It´s so easy to make, delicious and refreshing. Here´s the recipe – in Icelandic, but I´ll translate it for you… 250… Continue reading

Poor man´s seafood noodles

These only take a minute and they won´t blow your budget;) Pretty healthy too – especially if you use wholewheat noodles. I always have “imitation crab” (surimi) in the freezer. It´s good in… Continue reading

17th of June

Today is the 17th of June. Our national day, since gaining independence from Danes in 1944. This is the day when everyone storms downtown, either in Reykjavik or other towns – to meet… Continue reading

Simply trout

I love trout. I prefer it over salmon, although freshly caught, wild salmon can be a bit magical. I usually just prepare in a simple manner – throw lots of butter in the… Continue reading

Back from the countryside

Just came from spending a few days in the countryside. The same place I went to last year ( you can read more about it in this post ). Nothing much had changed,… Continue reading

Just halibut

I was fortunate enough to find halibut – one of my favorite fish – at the fishmongers last Thursday. It isn´t allowed to fish it directly for the time being, but fisherman still… Continue reading

Panfried haddock, apples, onions and of course – remoulade…..

Talking about traditions…. This is something I have to have when I come back to Iceland after travelling. Panfried haddock, onions and apples, boiled potatoes and remoulade… Don´t know if it´s just me??… Continue reading

Talking about Vínarterta….

I found an Icelandic bakery in Gimli – Reykjavík Bakery. While I was there, quite a few people came by to get all sorts of “Icelandic pastries”. I´m not sure all of them… Continue reading