Just halibut

I was fortunate enough to find halibut – one of my favorite fish – at the fishmongers last Thursday.

It isn´t allowed to fish it directly for the time being, but fisherman still catch it when they are fishing for other species and then it can be found at fishmongers. Not in big quantities though, so I was very lucky to get some;)

I had great plans for it – perhaps a soup? Some marvelous sauce? Hadn´t quite decided….

Friday came and I had promised to make quite a lot of macarons for a wedding this weekend, so all plans flew out the window.
Didn´t come home till almost 10 o´clock Friday night so dinner was served at about 11.
Not that is made any difference – I´m still not over the time difference after my trip to Canada,
so dinner at 11 made sense.

When I went grocery shopping last Thursday, I couldn’t really be bothered getting that much.
It was just too depressing.

It is always a shock when you get back from holidays in countries where you can find an abundance of fresh produce, beautifully displayed in massive food markets – to actually have to go the nearest supermarket.

We don´t grow a variety of vegetables – even though I think we could and should – and the fruit just aren´t as fresh after a long journey from wherever they are buying them at that particular moment.

So I got the basics. Onions, leek, tomatoes, lemons….

So this is what happened to the halibut.

One leek – very thinly sliced

Some olive oil, white pepper, sea salt…

Add halibut and throw in some tomatoes…

More olive oil, white pepper and sea salt….

Made a sauce from sour cream, garlic and parsley

That´s it. Dinner is served:)

Of course it was good – but I would´t have minded having some fresh, seasonal asparagus to go with it or having a bowl of cherries for desert. Guess I just have to wait for my next trip to get some of that, which fortunately isn´t that far away.

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