Back from the countryside

Just came from spending a few days in the countryside. The same place I went to last year ( you can read more about it in this post ). Nothing much had changed, although the weather was a little better this time.

I managed to find some tomatoes as you can see;)

Put the 200 kronas in the box and grabbed a bag.

When I travel in Greece I see this often – small stalls by the roadside selling honey and herbs.
Not a person in sight, but everything priced and a small box to put money into.
This kind of reminded me of that and I wish I could find more places like that here in Iceland.

It´s easy enough to set up, and I guess you can quickly see if people are being honest and paying for the products.

Still no signs by the highway saying whether or not you can buy local products from the farmers.
That´s a shame. It would make life so much more interesting then having to shop just at the supermarkets.

I asked someone about why there weren´t any signs anywhere, and I was informed that if they are put up, they are taken away by the authorities. Now, isn´t that a bit harsh? I think that´s a rule that definitely should be reconsidered.

Will try again next year and let you know if I manage to find something besides the tomatoes;)

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