17th of June

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Today is the 17th of June. Our national day, since gaining independence from Danes in 1944.

This is the day when everyone storms downtown, either in Reykjavik or other towns – to meet family and friends, buy overpriced balloons, flags and candy floss.

People get lost from their group, but I guess these days it really does´t matter seeing that everyone has a cellphone;)

Everyone hopes that it doesn´t rain and that they will get a parking space.

They discuss whether the entertainment was good or not, and then many of them head for a restaurant to have a bite to eat.

I guess it´s pretty much the same all over the world, although the kind of entertainment varies.

This year apparently, everything is finished much earlier in the evening than it has before.

The argument is that, we have Gay pride and Cultural night, so it´s better to save money now and celebrate then.

I think that´s a bit of a shame – and it really does´t make much sense to me. It is after all our national day and it should be celebrated properly.

Hopefully it will be better organized next year.

I live right in the center of Reykjavík, which means that during days of celebration my house becomes somewhat of a refuge for family and friends.

Today was no exception.

I made a few cakes and endless amounts of coffee. Hopefully everyone had a good time;)

I managed to snap a few pictures before people arrived – wish I had taken more, because I actually made a few more….

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