Chickpea and chorizo casserole

Now…. Don´t know if I´ve told you this but I hate having to throw food away.
And I love cooking when there isn´t must in the fridge.

I also love cooking when the fridge is full ( yes – I guess I just love cooking ),
but it´s a different thing altogether.
When the fridge is almost empty, it can be a bit more challenging.

I am restraining myself from grocery shopping, because I´m going on holiday in a few days and I don´t like leaving with a fridge full of food.
There´s too much waste in the world already, and I think if people tried to be a bit more inventive, they really wouldn´t have to throw as much food in the bin.

Before I left for Canada I had quite a lot of chillis – both green and red as well as some garlic.

The night before I left, I chopped up the chillis and mashed the garlic – put it all in separate jars with a little olive oil and chucked it in the fridge.
I also threw a chorizo in there, grated some cheese and finally I cooked a kilo of fresh spinach and threw in the freezer (used that with the trout the other day;).

Some chickpeas went in the fridge as well….So – the freezer was pretty well stocked;)

Tonight I then used up some of the stuff from the freezer.

Didn´t take too long and tasted amazing. Didn´t really have a plan when I started, but here´s what happened:

Cut up tomatoes, drizzled them with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and a little sugar.
In the oven at about 160 degrees for…quite a while.

Sliced a couple of red onions and chopped up the chorizo.
Into the pan – didn´t need any oil, since the chorizo had quite enough of it already.

Let it do it´s thing, before adding some Fino to deglace the pan
( you can use white wine as well if you don´t have any Fino ).

Added some tomato paste, a can of chopped tomatoes, some of my garlic paste, some green chillis – some herbs de provence and of course some chickpeas and then just let it simmer for a minute while I reheated the rice ( which were leftover from dinner the day before yesterday;)

Served with a couple of caramelized balsamic tomatoes on top, it was delicious.

Easy, packed with flavor and I guess on the healthier side;)

Now….off to check if I have some of that cake left in the fridge from yesterday to balance out all the healthiness….


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