Poor man´s seafood noodles

These only take a minute and they won´t blow your budget;)

Pretty healthy too – especially if you use wholewheat noodles.

I always have “imitation crab” (surimi) in the freezer.
It´s good in sushi of course, but it also works well in crab salad – even though I might have to call it “imitation crab salad”. Whatever – it works!

I slice the onions thinly and fry them until crispy in a little bit of sesame oil.

The noodles I boil of course.

The sauce is simple – no precise quantities I´m afraid, but roughly as follows:

Tamari soy sauce
Rice vinegar
Squeeze of lime juice
A bit og coconut palm sugar or demerara
Dash of fish sauce

Throw all the sauce ingredients in a pot and let it boil until it thickens a bit.
I use about 2/3 of Tamari and 1/3 of miring and rice vinegar.

Put the noodles in the sauce and add sesame seeds.

Mix in the crispy onions and a few sticks of “imitation crab” ( surimi ) and lunch is ready.


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