Talking about Vínarterta….

I found an Icelandic bakery in Gimli – Reykjavík Bakery. While I was there, quite a few people came by to get all sorts of “Icelandic pastries”. I´m not sure all of them were of Icelandic origin, so perhaps it´s not only Icelanders that can appreciate Vínarterta;) Later that day, was the Eurovision song contest….

Vínarterta and rúllupylsa

As my time comes to be blogger of the week for Nynordisk mad, I am actually travelling in Canada – in the area where Icelanders settled in the “old days”. So you won´t get any recipes this time:) Yesterday I had quite a treat – real Icelandic Vínarterta! And “rúllupylsa” – the homemade version, not…