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A healthier version of stracciatella!

Well – “almost” straciatella.
Perhaps more of a banana/caramel ice-cream with chocolate chips!

Frozen bananas, milk, maple syrup and chocolate is all it takes to
whip up an “instant” ice-cream.
Actually, you don´t even need the chocolate – but still….
It´s good for you. Full of antioxidants.

The more antioxidants, the better? Right?

Just make sure that the bananas are ripe when you freeze them so that you get a nice, sweet “ice-cream”. It is best to use pure maple syrup – preferably organic.
It tastes better and is better for you.
It´s always a plus when the two go together.

I often use milk, but almond milk or even a mixture of buttermilk and regular milk is great as well.
Whatever you have around and are in the mood for.

You can also use just regular white sugar and vanilla.

Basically, just mix ( almost ) whatever you like in the blender,
add some frozen bananas and it will taste great.

The only thing you now need to do is make sure you always have a box or two of bananas in the fridge and you are ready for any kind of ice-cream craving you might get.

The ice-cream melts kind of quickly – so serve it in a glass with a spoon for the ones that can´t eat fast enough. Or put a straw in it and call it milkshake:)

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